One of the critical challenge in ensuring health professionals capacity strengthening is the weakness in sharing knowledge and best practices among actors and service providers due to limited capacity of sharing expériences and expertise accros programs as well as ensuring best practices are used the most as possible by programs and projects.

many professionals especially services providers appointed in remote areas in Africa have rarely the opportunity to be part of experience sharing events in order to lear from there peers working in other zones, régions and countries. In the era of the digital revolution, MCH capacity takes the lead to create and offer to professionals accross Africa opportunities to interact with other professionals and to sharpen their skills  and learn from other experiences. Hence, We aim at being of locomotiv for strenthening human resources across Africa especially for maternal and child health and to hit teh SDG targets for countries.

MCH CAPACITY aims at being teh leading force of strengthening human resource for maternal and child health in sub-saharan Africa in a sustainable manner and an asset for countries to hit the SDG targets  for mothers and children.

Our symposiums are tailored to serve as unique opportunities to disseminate best practices among professionnals and managers as well as creating spaces for capacity strengthening on inventive technologies and best practices in relation to maternal and child health.


We aim at overcoming the challenge of health workforce capacity and performance strengthening by innovating in organising symposims in order to ensure a real practical transfer of knowledge and skills for health professionals to thrive.  We use SMART technologies to that end


MCH Capacity uses its SMART tailored symposiums as experience and knowledge sharing venues to enable programs cross fertilization, experts Learning from each other with regards to MCH best practice on program planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. we take advantage of new and innovatve technologies to reach to as many as possible health programs and professionals wherever they are located on the continent. This aims at ensuring we are using best up to date practices, and that we keep professionnals abreast of new technolgies, approches and strategies that could help them improve their performance and achieve the maximu result


The expected results of our tailored symposiums is to contribute to widely disseminating knowledge, know how and best practices in maternal, infant and child health across Africa to reach out to as many health professionals as possible  and more generally,  actors at all levels of health systems.  We aim at using this as a unique opportunity to promote the use of working solutions in health programs to make sure we only scale up impact making  iterventions.