Human  resources for health and more specifically for MCH is one of the critical challenge of health system strengthening in developing countries in general and sub-Saharan Africa in particular. it is indeed a key determinant for achieving universal access to quality health care services . Many countries still struggle to establish reliable and efficient system to successfully manage human resources especially health professionals to ensure that their needs are fulfilled in a consistent and sustainable manner

Most experts agree that without a structured and solid capacity to address human resources challenges, country will fail to meet the sustainable development goals and some may even have their major health indicators such us maternal and child ones worsen over the next coming years.

in addition to failing to properly use young graduates even in the health care sector, many Sub-Saharan African countries do lack the capacity to successfully and efficiently manage all post graduate training, workshop  to ensure resources invested do yield the expected changes and improvement. reasons include lack of appropriate policies, strategies, management systems and critical skills at all level of the system from managers to service providers

it is therefore critical and urgent to assist countries to develop, establish and manage visionary health systems that can successfully address current needs while anticipating in emerging needs and challenges to face such as preparing to hit the SDD targets. this is what MCH capacity would like to be a part of as a strategic partner of governments; national and international organisations in health and development


Our ambition in human resource development for MCH is to offer an innovative thinking and approach to detoxifying countries and programs short, medium and long term needs and proposing evidence based systems and technologies to help efficiently manage all aspect of HRH development. We uniquely use nez technologies to make competency and skills  base training as well as interactive  digital approach to keeping health professionals abreast of up to date knowledge; aptitudes and skills to thrive in their daily duties


In order to achieve long lasting and sustainable results our approach combines participatory methods to critically assessing and identifying health systems, programs and project specific needs with regards to human resources for health that takes into account the need for performance, quality, results to come up with a SMART proposal to be implemented jointly with decision makers, managers and services providers at all levels. our approach also incorporates assessment throughout the process to ensure we keep on tract and that progress is consistent with set targets

we offer a development scheme that is described in our human resource development operational framework in eight critical steps to assist countries, programs and project to identify, plan and implement innovative approaches to shaping up robust systems for health. The approach will address teams and individuals needs in order to improve performance and quality of services at all level consistently with set norms and standards


Our capacity strengthening approach provides health systems, programs and projects with tailored SMART professionals, tools knowledge and platform to be game changers in today health landscape especially for maternal and child health.  we help them translate their knowledge and skills into concrete daily action and provide the necessary backstopping through te health system to set up sustainable mechanism for continuous learning and improvement