Despite available well documented solutions, many health service providers still struggle to improve their performance in managing and implementing programs as well as improving in a sustainable manner the quality of services they offer and the results they are generating on maternal and child health.

Reasons include poor access to the  information, knowledge, best practices and how to duplicate them . it is equally due to weaknesses in the documentation and dissemination of evidences and best practices  and making sure they reach those of need them the most. Many countries are yet to take advantage of the digital revolution to improve their approaches to better communication and dissemination of knowledge and know how among professionals


Our aim is to establish an interactive scheme for documenting best practices in the management and delivery of maternal and child health care services in order to help scale them up or duplicate them in other places. we also ambition to provide the necessary support to programs  should they need assistance for capacity strengthening, or scale up


We disseminate best practices through our SMART symposia or tailored best practice dissemination workshops. However, we do take advantage of digital technologies to reach out to as many as possible to professionals including those who cannot attend workshops and symposia for any reason

Our ambition to build a network of  health professionals  in order to promote best practices and experience sharing among MCH professionals at country level and beyond. this will help to promote programs cross fertilization and actors learning from each other across Africa


Promoting best practices is critical to scaling up interventions that have the potential to have a significant and measurable impact on indicators. We therefore expect to boost program’s results by making sure that plans and implementation are informed by evidences and best practices