Training offered by many institutions and schools usuallly provide  substantial and theoritical kowledgede to most health professionnals as well as practical practice workshops as part of their learning process. despite this. many health professionnals, especially service providers fail to reach the expected perfomance treshhold after they are appointed to their duty stations.

Reasons include many aspects such as work processes and systems, coaching and support they may or not receved from supervisors, innovative management of health services and systems. consequently, it is urgent to to tap into the many best pratices and experiences documented around the world to build  a system where programme managers will have the necessary skills to provide assistance and coaching to service provider in order to significantly improve their performance in a measurable manner.


Our ambition as regards to performance improvement is to assist programme managers and service providers with the necessary up to date know how, évidences and best practices to help them thrive in their respective roles and responsibilities as regards to MCH services

We combine supervision and performance base coaching to innovate and assisting professionnals to maximise their performance and results in a measurable manner. Our supercoahing model thatresultys from such a combination is a powerfull approach to making performance and results a reality


Our approach uses new and innovative technologies as a mean to help professionnals reach their goals. SMART technologies combined with classical workshops and symposiums is teh secreta to reaching more prpfssionnals wherever they live and work and we are proud to taking advantage of eth digital revolution to build impact making strategies

 We aim at building a web of strategic and operational partners across Africa gathering the best resources in maternal and child health to valorise, mobilise and use their experiences and expertise for programmes across the continent.  this will be achieved through sharing, disseminating, communicating


We are confident to have highly performing professionnals as a result of our supercoaching, and assistance system offered by our highly experienced coaches to listen, help, assist and push as appropriate