MCH CAPACITY is proud to have established strategic and operational partnerships with ministries of health, national and international organisations to play a lead role as a private institution  in the development, planning and implementation of inventive projects aiming at contributing to improving maternal and child health indicators and more specifically the development, utilisation and management of human ressources for healthcare in Sub-saharan Africa

Our projects cover various domains of MCH management in general and human ressources for health such as competency and skills based training, quality oriented supervision, performance centered coaching, results based planning and implementation and backstopping. We also deal with organising experience sharing events to promote best practices and south to South programs cross fertilization

MCH CAPACITY est impliqué dans la mise en oeuvre de projets divers entrant dans le cadre de partenaraits divers. Nos projets couvrent essentilement le developpment des ressources humaines de la santé  dont l’amélioration des competences et de la performence des professionnels de santé ainsi que le renforcement du système de santé et amélioration de la qualité

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