MCH CAPACITY  is proud to have strategic partnerships with governments especially ministries of health, as well as with development partners operating in the health sector in sub-saharan Africa. We also enjoy a very productive collaboration with other national, regional and international organisation to technically assit governments, engage in strategic planing and programme implementation in a synergistic way to maximise performance and results.

Our experts team is made of high level health professionnals selected from various countries in the sub-saharan african region. Each of those experts has more than a decade experience managing, planning, implementing, assuring the quality,  developping the capacity and coaching for performance  of health professionnals and service providers across Africa with practical and strong country experience. Experts have been selected, gathered and trained by MCH capacty master trainers to make sure they master and own our innovative approach to capacity strengthening. They  nowserve as our technical driving force for our work in Africa and beyond.