MCH CAPACITY ambitions to be the driving force for sustainable pay to have a paper written development of human resources for maternal and child health in sub-Saharan Africa to maximize chances of hitting the SDG targets for mothers and children.

We have built a solid network of experienced African maternal and child health experts from all around Africa with the required experience and know how to successfully assist programs and projects. Our team of African experts are backed up by high level experts fro, all around the world that we mobilize to assist whenever necessary to ensure the workforce required to uniquely meet your expectations.

we have documented and use evidence based interventions and best practices to help programs and project overcome challenges related to human resource for health in general en maternal and child health in particular.

MCH aims at being an innovative platform for promoting and dissemination up to date information, buy essays knowledge, best practices and innovations in maternal and child health to benefit programs and projects implemented in Africa. Information and knowledge also target program managers and services providers at the different levels of health systems form the public and private sectors as well as those working in NGOS and INGOs

We are proud to be a SMART technologies focus organisation, building and implementing innovative approaches, strategies and tools to  health professional performance as well as increasing programs and projects results. Our SMART approach connects professionals across the continent to ensure programs cross fertilization and know how sharing among mangers and service providers